Motorized wide-field epi-fluorescence microcopy system

Olympus (IX-70) Infinity corrected inverted microscope with four output ports equipped with objective lenses: 2X, 4X/0.13, 10X/0.40, 20X/0.40, 40X/0.60 Oil, 60X/1.20 WI (PSF), 60X/1.40 Oil, 100X/1.40 Oil, Phase contrast Optics, Motorized x-, y-, and z-axis stage and filter wheels (Ex/Em/ND) from Prior, Many filter cubes are available covering the visible spectrum, Orca-2 (1280x1024, 12/14bit, 10MHz or 1.25MHz readout, ROI selectable) dual scan cooled digital Interline Hamamatsu CCD Camera, Microinjection device: Eppendorf; Temperature controlled and perfusion chambers to maintain the viability of the cells/tissue (Bioptech, 1 unit; Medical Systems Corp.) and Metamorph software.