User Fees

  • Zeiss880/980 Confocal/Airyscan: $35/hour [training fee $200}

  • Zeiss880/980 Multiphoton Microscopy: $40/hour   [Training fee $200]

  • Wide-field fluorescence microscopy: $15/hour   [Training fee $100 - onetime fee per PI]

  • Wide-field high-content screening: $15/hour    [Training fee $200 - onetime fee per PI]

  • TIRF microscopy: $15/hour   [Training fee $150 - onetime fee per PI]

  • Zeiss780 confocal/spectral system: $35/hour  [Training fee $200 - onetime fee per PI]

  • Zeiss Z.1 Light Sheet Microscopy: $40/hour [Training fee $200 - onetime fee per person]

  • Lifetime imaging (FLIM) and FRET: $40/hour   [Training fee $200 - onetime fee per PI]

  • Leica white light laser confocal/spectral system: $35/hour [Training fee $200 - onetime fee per PI]

  • Zeiss780 Multiphoton Micrcoscopy: $40/hour   [Training fee $200 - onetime fee per PI]

  • Data Analysis Training (FRAP, FRET, FLIM, FCS, Lightsheet, etc): $30/hour


  • The minimum charge for one-time usage is based on one hour.

  • After usage of $15,000/year (January-December) for each PI, there will be a 50% discount for the system usage.

  • The hourly fee will be double for assisted use. The amount listed above is for un-assisted operation of the imaging system for data acquisition.

  • There will be a 25% increase for people coming from outside the University for Academic Work.

  • The user fee for companies wishing to use the instruments will be double the amount listed above.