Table of Contents


Molecular Imaging: FRET Microscopy and Spectroscopy

Editors: Ammasi Periasamy and Richard N. Day

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, USA


Table of Contents


Cover page comments – Thomas Jovin, Germany

1.      Proteins and the Flow of Information in Cellular Function, Robert Kretsinger

2.      Basics of Fluorescence and FRET, Zygmunt Gryczynski, Ignaci Gryczynski and Joseph Lakowicz

3.      An Introducrion to Filters and Mirrors for FRET, Michael Stanley

4.      FRET Imaging in the Wide-field Microscope, Fred Schaufele, Ignacio Demarco and Richard N. Day

5.      Confocal FRET Microscopy - Study of Clustered Distribution of Receptor-ligand Complexes in Endocytic Membranes, Horst Wallrabe and Margarida Barroso

6.      Multiphoton FRET Microscopy for Protein Localization in Tissue, James D. Mills, James R. Stone, David O. Okonkwo, Ammasi Periasamy and Gregory A. Helm

7.      FRET data analysis – the Algorithm, Ye Chen, Masilamani Elangovan, and Ammasi Periasamy

8.      Photobleaching FRET Microscopy, Anne Kenworthy

9.      Single-Molecule FRET, Sungchul Hohng and Taekjip Ha

10.    FRET Measurements using Multispectral Imaging, Raad Nashmi, Scott Fraser Henry A. Lester and Mary Dickinson, Caltech

11.    Real-time Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging and FRET using Fast Gated Image Intensifiers, Glen Redford and Robert M. Clegg

12.    Streak FLIM: A Novel Technology for Quantitative FRET Imaging, V. Krishnan Ramanujan, Jian-Hua Zhang, Victoria. E. Centonze and Brian Herman

13.    Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) FLIM-FRET Microscopy for Protein Localization, Ye Chen and Ammasi Periasamy

14.    Bioluminescence RET (BRET): Techniques and Potential, Mohammed Soutto, Yao Xu, and Carl H. Johnson

15.    Quantifying Molecular Interactions with Fluorescence Correlation Spectrosocpy, Keith Berland

16.    Mapping Molecular Interactions and Transport in Cell Membranes by Image Correlation Spectroscopy, Eleonora Keating, Claire M. Brown and Nils O. Petersen