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  1. IWL (Institute of World Languages) Faculty Retreat—E-portfolios for Language Learning and Assessment

    to this overarching question by first considering what we empirically know about human cognition and how people ...

    kah6f - 03/29/2016 - 12:17

  2. Neiman  Fraser D. Lecturer fn9r 434-984 9812 Monticello Archaeology Professional ...

    manager - 08/17/2016 - 15:18

  3. Smith

    to the people I befriended while doing fieldwork in Aputula and stay in touch with them via Facebook! Margaret ...

    manager - 08/17/2016 - 15:19

  4. Fall 2016

    INTRODUCTION FIELD ETHNOGRAPHIC FIELDWORK    3.0   BASHKOW MW 4:00-5:15 PM How do you study people outside ... use to understand the striking differences among human societies and how people organize ... distribution, and consumption of goods and services practiced by peoples ignored or unknown to classic Western ...

    manager - 10/18/2016 - 14:59

  5. Damon

    ( in Cambridge in early January, 2016. In a little section on India in my Ecology and Society course ... forced me to consider production, not exchange, as the organizing value among the people with whom I have ... It was in this general area that, supposedly, a combination of people, things and ideas crossed the Taiwan Straits ...

    artsci - 02/22/2017 - 14:17

  6. Donald Margulies is 2017 Keenan Lecturer

    who tells us about the adventures of his youth sailing to exotic islands, meeting native peoples ...

    Judith McPeak - 03/28/2017 - 08:54

  7. 17 FALL SPEAKER SERIES Why pronunciation is so important for language teaching- John M. Levis

    they present themselves through their new language. It is the first thing people notice about them, ...

    Yoyo - 08/09/2017 - 14:02

  8. Director's Statement in Response to the Events of August 11th and 12th

    may serve to guide us in the days ahead: 1) “the people must know before they can act” and 2) “the way ...

    James Perla - 08/15/2017 - 13:21

  9. Farsi

    million people who live in Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan, etc. The richness of Persian language, culture, ...

    artsci - 10/30/2017 - 16:06

  10. Echols Scholars Program Alumni Class of the 1990- 1996

    people from UVa come here, so I wanted to encourage y'all to apply. And if you have questions, feel ...

    Carey Carothers - 05/05/2015 - 16:34